Monday, August 8, 2022
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MyGoFlight Shows Off SkyDisplay HUD, Infinity Power Source

With the near-ubiquity of glass up front in most new light GA aircraft, the market may well be ready for the star player in MyGoFlight’s lineup, the SkyDisplay HUD. When HUDs for piston singles and twins were first proposed nearly two decades ago, the gadget factor was high and the proposition a little too much for the products to gain traction. Now, however, as GA pilots we’ve been trained on the presentation now demonstrated by the SkyDisplay—and we’ve seen the value of having a flight path marker and other aids to flight that the HUD presents. MyGoFlight has developed and gained DO-160 certification on the heart of its HUD—the AID (aircraft interface device)—which is a rugged, off-the-shelf computer system that can read ARINC 429, RS232 serial data, analog data, and analog and digital video inputs. The AID comes with mini PCIe card slots to support add-on I/O module integration.


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