Friday, May 14, 2021
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Viral 'butt-less' pyjamas ad sparks confusion

Web users have questioned why the adverts are being targeted at them.

How tech can just about save Christmas Day

Thanks to technology, a remote Christmas doesn't have to feel like an isolated one. Source link

Facebook child abuse detection hit by new EU rules

A new ban on the scanning of private messages is hampering child protection efforts online. Source link

Al Jazeera journalists ‘hacked via NSO Group spyware’

Details of the alleged hack targeting 36 members of staff, including TV anchors and executives, have been published in a report by Citizen...

Kyle Rittenhouse: YouTube struggles with hero worship

Kyle Rittenhouse, awaiting trial for killing two protesters, is a hero on parts of YouTube. Source link

'Gaming helped me learn tactics for HK protests'

For some young protesters in Hong Kong online gaming tactics have mirrored real life activism. Source link

‘Yes, people have Zoom fatigue but it’s not our fault’

In fact, Zoom has been used for everything from job interviews, to making people redundant, to office Christmas parties. And people starting new...

US cyber-attack: Around 50 firms 'genuinely impacted' by massive breach

The expert whose company uncovered the hack also backs US officials' view that Russia was behind it. Source link

Budget smartphones: What do you get for £100?

The price of premium smartphones is ever-increasing with the latest folding Samsung device costing about £1,800.To find out what was available at the...

US cyber-attack: Russia ‘clearly’ behind SolarWinds operation, says Pompeo

SolarWinds Orion, the computer network tool at the source of the breach, earlier said that 18,000 of its 300,000 customers might have been...

US charges ex-Zoom employee with shutting down Tiananmen Square events

Among the actions taken on behalf of China's government, prosecutors allege that the 39-year-old and others terminated at least four meetings commemorating the...

SolarWinds: UK assessing impact of hacking campaign

The SolarWinds attack was "very large-scale digital espionage", according to a former cyber-security boss. Source link
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